The Toscana Rosso by The Vinum is the one of the most interesting wines produced in the Tuscany Region made of fine Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. 

The Merlot and the Cabernet Sauvignon grapes are vinificated separately, and following the alcoholic fermentation the enologist makes a perfectly balanced blend. In this process the aim is to create a harmonic wine with the Merlot’s fruity aroma and the Cabernet Sauvignon’s full body and freshness. The aging process for The Toscana Rosso is divided into 3 specialized stages to provide the wine with its unique flavour. The first is aging in stainless steel tanks. The second is in oak barrique, and the final stage draws from the wines ancient Roman heritage. Terracotta amphora’s age the wine for the final 8 months, bringing out the basic grapes features without changing the wines flavour or aroma.

The outstanding result is an organic Toscana Rosso that thru an innovative production process, recounts the ancient Roman’s tradition of wine making. In addition to the international prizes awarded, Toscana Rosso was the top scoring wine evaluated by Luca Maroni in 2018.

Classification: I.G.T. Toscana
Vineyard: The Vinum Estates
Production Area: Fiesole – Tuscany Region - Italy​
Grapes: 55% Melot, 45% Cabernet Sauvignon​
Alcohol:  14% Vol
Sugar: 0.5 g/L
Dry Extract: 27 g/L
Serving Temperature: 16-18 °C
Aging: 10 years
Bottles Capacity: 750 ml

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