At the beginning of the year 2000, Giordano Emendatori discovered a piece of land that within a short time became the 4.5 hectare vineyard known today as Tenuta Mara. It was a stretch of land exposed to the warm sunshine of Romagna. Not just a simple vineyard, but a complex and complete organism cultivated according to the holistic Biodynamic principles, a method that adopts a sustainable system for the environment and respects the rhythms of the Earth, of Life and the Moon. 

“Do as little as possible” it means to minimize human interference and banish all that isn’t natural in order to seek spontaneity within the soil. The Sangiovese grapes that grow at Tenuta Mara are untreated therefore making them healthier and more genuine.

Plants are alive, wine is alive! This is why Tenuta Mara has chosen to accompany the grow of the wines with Mozart’s classical music. Furthermore, in the wine cellar, Gregorian chants echo in an atmosphere of absolute peace and meditation.

The Sangiovese Rubicone “Guiry” is the fruit of Tenuta Mara’s passion and love for the earth. The free-run must which is not corrected in the wine making process by any chemical shortcuts and the unfiltered bottling, guarantee the authenticity and the quality of the wine. 

Classification: Rubicone I.G.P.
Vineyard: Tenuta Mara
Production Area: San Clemente, Emilia Romagna Region, Italy
Grapes: Sangiovese
Alcohol:  13.5% Vol
Sugar: 0 g/L
Dry Extract: 30.1 g/L
Serving Temperature: 16-18 °C
Aging: 6 years
Serving Suggestion: Earthy pasta, deep fried fish, stewed squid, stewed red meat

Tenuta Mara Guiry 2018 - shadow.png