The Dissegna Merlot is an organic wine with a great ability to age and still keep its original young flavours intact. The wine is very dry and highlights all the features of an ancient vine variety of the territory, which was imported from France. In the fertilization exclusively vegetable and animal compost is used in order to keep the Merlot’s production organic.


Although it is a complex wine, it can be easily matched with many dishes, being a very versatile and refined wine. The best time to enjoy this wine begins at 2 months after bottling and lasts up to 24 months, during which the wine matures intensifying all the qualities of this healthy and genuinely organic product.

Classification:  I.G.P. Veneto
Vineyard: Dissegna
Production Area: Annone Veneto, Veneto Region, Italy 
Grapes: Refosco
Alcohol: 12.5% Vol 
Sugar: 3.52 g/L
Dry Extract: 25 g/L 
Serving Temperature: 16-18 °C
Aging: 2 Years
Bottles Capacity: 750 ml