Classification:  I.G.T Marca Trevigiana.
Vinyard: 47 Anno Domini Estates
Production Area: Treviso countryside - near the Sile river - Italy
Grapes: Merlot
Alcohol: 12.5% Vol 
Sugar: 6 g/L
Dry Extract: 28.40 g/L
Serving Temperature: 18 °C
Aging: 5 Years
Bottles Capacity: 750 ml

The Merlot I.G.T. “Organic-Vegan” produced by 47 Anno Domini Estate is a symbolic wine of North-East Italy. The Merlot grapes from the Veneto Region stand out from those grown in the rest of the world: the sandy and limy mixed soil and the diurnal temperature variation gives the grapes a rich flavour with higher acidity levels. Although Merlot grapes are typically used in the blend of many wines, 47 Anno Domini estates is among the few to produce Merlot wine, using exclusively Merlot grapes. As a result of the growing method and the meticulous selection of grapes at harvest, the bottle yield per hectare is low, producing a low quantity of high quality bottles.  


Thanks to its grapes high acidity and the malolactic secondary fermentation, this wine can be aged up to five years. and its bouquet will constantly eVolve during this time. In the first two years. it reveals its freshness, spiciness, herbal and raspberries notes.